Playing Rules - Bronco National

Updated Friday June 13, 2014 by Mike Durand.

1: Games are played on a field where the bases are separated by a distance of 65 feet. The pitching rubber shall be positioned at 48 feet from home plate for the American Division and 46 feet from home plate for the National Division. The regulation length of games is 7 innings for American and 6 for National.


2: Teams shall use a rotating batting order in both Bronco Divisions.


3: Teams are permitted to freely substitute players in defensive positions, regardless of their positions in the batting order, as long as they fulfill all mandatory minimum playing regulations.


4: Pitchers are permitted to pitch in no more than 6 innings in one game in the National and 7 innings in the American. A player pitching in 4 or more innings in one calendar day shall not be permitted to pitch in the next calendar day.


5: During a calendar week in which a team is scheduled to play 2 games, pitchers are permitted to pitch no more than 6 and 7 innings, respectively to National and American, for that week. During a calendar week in which a team is scheduled to play 3 games, pitchers are permitted to pitch in no more than 10 innings for that week.


6: In both Bronco Divisions pitchers are not allowed to return as pitchers in any game in which they are removed from that position.


7: Balks shall be enforced in all games in the Bronco American Division.  In the National Division prior to the season the manager will determine a date, approximately mid-season, to start enforcing balks, from which point balks will be called as usually with no warnings.  Prior to the “balk date” the umpire will give one warning per pitcher.


8: All players present at any game that extends to its regulation length or beyond shall be required to play one complete inning in an infield position. The Catcher shall be defined as an infielder. Team managers shall not be obligated to enforce this regulation for one game per each player absence from a team activity (Practices or games). Failure to adhere to this regulation shall result in game forfeiture upon proper protest by an opposing team.


9: In legal games during which one or both teams field 8 players, the third out of an inning which will occur when the ninth batting position is due shall be officially recorded when the lead base runner’s progress has been stopped by the defensive team.

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